Web Applications for Business

Schroeder Consulting builds ASP.NET MVC applications which handle user interactions, data management, and presentation logic effectively.

Schroeder Consulting also builds Blazor applications. Blazor allows building interactive UI components.

Schroeder Consulting provides expertise in web applications that integrate with payment gateways and other APIs.

Schroeder Consulting builds APIs that can be consumed by various clients, including web applications, mobile apps, and other services.

Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access offers a cost-effective solution for small to medium-sized businesses. Schroeder Consulting can tailor the database structure and create custom forms and reports.

Schroeder Consulting has built Access applications for industrial sales, industrial manufacturing and claims.

Experience includes an Azure SQL Database back-end.


Data Integrations

Schroeder Consulting has a proven track record with data integrations.

Experience includes integration with a timeclock system, POS and Shopify.

Azure Services

Azure is a cloud-native architecture.

Schroeder Consulting has experience with the numerous services on Azure like databases, storage and more.

Expertise includes Azure Functions which are a serverless compute service provided by Azure.